Jaipur couple fighting for child custody after been accused of ‘shaken baby syndrome’ in the US

Jaipur couple fighting for child custody after been accused of shaken baby syndrome in the US pardesi news 1459247780

The happiness of a new addition to the family was short-lived for the young couple from Jaipur residing in the US, as the government authorities’ there slapped restrictions to the couple accusing them of ‘Shaking Baby Syndrome’.

The Indian couple is fighting for the custody of their three-month-old baby, who were taken away from them and given to the foster parents by the child care services in the US after injuries were found on the body of the child.

The father of the child, Ashish Parikh, works with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) in Jersey City. His wife, Vidisha, delivered the baby, Ashvidh in October two months after she came from India.

According to Ashish, the baby slipped out of her mother’s hands when she was taking him for a pediatrician visit. He sustained internal injuries after he hit his head on a TV stand and then falling on the floor. Vidisha then rushed the child to the nearest hospital. The child has recovered; but the hospital had called child welfare services and police. The parents were accused of ‘Shaking Baby Syndrome (SBS)’ which means that baby was either shaken badly by parents or thrown as a ball.

Family of Ashish claims that is precisely not the case, as they are loving parents who were blessed with a kid after five years of marriage. They were very happy on the arrival of the child and the accident was just an unfortunate incident.

Now, the parents of the baby are allowed to meet him for limited time period every day and are not allowed to feed him. The family has also sought help from the Indian Prime Minister’s Office, and Rajasthan Chief Minister, Vasundhara Raje on this matter.

The case will go for hearing in the court on February 14, 2016 but until then the child will remain with the foster parents only.

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