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What Does the US President Carry In His Pocket? Hanuman Statue among other Lucky Charms

What Does the US President Carry In His Pocket Hanuman Statue among other Lucky Charms pardesi news 1459247779

The US President Barack Obama carries gold lord Hanuman talisman in his pocket, as his lucky mascot.

When the US President Barack Obama feels tired or discouraged, reaching into his pocket can help him get over it. He has revealed this recently in the three separate interviews done by the You tube personalities that he carries his lucky charms and keepsakes with him in his pocket. The interesting question was asked by Ingrid Nilsen, an American YouTube personality.

The President Obama pulled out few charms that he had in his pocket. The first trinket Obama showed was rosary beads gifted by Pope Francis. He also had a tiny Buddha given by a Buddhist monk, a poker chip which was gifted by a bald biker he met in Iowa in 2007 and Coptic cross from Ethiopia.

The last charm he revealed was a gold statue of Lord Hanuman. “And this is a Hindu God, gold statuette of the Indian monkey God, Hanuman,” he said. The statuette was reportedly gifted to him by an Indian-origin woman.

He stated that people started giving his charms after he assumed office and though he had bowls full of it, he carried some in his pocket all the time.

Obama said that though he was not superstitious, these charms remind him of the faith people have put in him “I carry these around all the time. It does remind me of all the different people I have along the way and how much they have invested in me and their stories, their hopes and dreams. So if I feel tired or discouraged, I can just reach into my pocket and say that’s something I can overcome as somebody gave me this privilege to work on these issues that are going to affect them. I better get back to work”, said the President Obama.

Hanuman is known by several names, including the Monkey God – the “redeemer”, “Bajrang bali” and other omnipotent names from the Hinduism dictionary. The US President also received a two foot high gold plated idol of Hanuman in June of 2008 – it would be interesting to know where he keeps this item and in what manner he relates to it. 

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