22 Sikhs undergo hunger strike in Florida jail

22 Sikhs undergo hunger strike in Florida jail pardesi news 1459247691

22 Sikhs undergo hunger strike in Florida jail

22 Sikh Indian asylum seekers, are on a hunger strike in a Florida jail. They want the local court to hear their bond hearing inciting a US civil rights group to seek federal government intervention.

Local Civil Rights Group American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) have expressed their concern over their deteriorating health and asked for the aid of the federal government in this matter.

The 22 detainees went on a hunger strike when they got to know about the intentions of the judge who would hear their bond appeal at the Broward Transitional Center (BTC). The judge does not grant bonds to individuals in their circumstances. Despite the fact that other detainees in similar circumstances are granted bond.

Based on the promises by ICE officials that they would receive a bond hearing at Krome Service Processing Center in Florida, Indian Nationals ended the hunger strike.

On the day of the bond hearing, their cases were transferred back to BTC from Krome. They went back on a hunger strike on July 25. Several of them have now been hospitalised.

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