Italian marine will not return to India for trial, says Italian Senator

Italian marine will not return to India for trial says Italian Senator pardesi news 1459247778

Italian marine Massimiliano Latorre and Salvatore Girone are facing murder charges for killing two Indian fishermen. Both men are presently on bail pending the trial.

The Supreme Court of India has permitted one Italian marine Massimiliano Latorre, accused of killing two Indian fishermen in 2012 off the Kerala coast, to remain in Italy until April 30 for medical treatment after he had heart surgery.

However, according to the Head of Italian Senate's defence committee, he will probably not return to India. "Massimiliano Latorre will not go back to India and work is being done on the feasibility of requesting for Salvatore Girone to be able to return to Italy," Senator Nicola Latorre was cited as saying.

Salvatore Girone, the other accused, is being held in the Italian Embassy in New Delhi, forbidden by the Indian authorities from leaving the country. Importantly, the marines’ arrest generated a diplomatic breach between Rome and New Delhi as they presented different adaptations of the attack.

Italy has strongly argued that the men shot the two fishermen in self-defense and that the marines should be tried in their own country because the episode occurred in the international waters. India has also ruled out the possibility of a death penalty and of invoking the anti-piracy law to try the marines. In April 2012, Italy also paid $190,000 to each of the victims’ families as compensation. In return, the families discarded their cases against the marines, but the state’s case has yet to come to trial.

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