NRI supports underprivileged in Kerala

NRI supports underprivileged in Kerala pardesi news 1459247777

NRI groups KMCC, KSS join hands to help the underprivileged in the southern state of Kerala.

The Kerala Social Security (KSS) Mission, which helps the destitute, underprivileged and cancer patients, has joined Dubai KMCC (Kerala Muslim Cultural Center) to improve services at the government shelters, that are made up of old age homes and homes for the disabled.

Mohammed Alungal, a Saudi-based NRI, has donated Rs. 7 million to be used for the welfare of government shelter homes in Kerala. The amount will be handed over to the Kerala Chief Minister Oommen Chandy.

Anwar Naha, President of Dubai KMCC said, “This is the first such project involving a voluntary organization”. KMCC Dubai had earlier provided water dispensers in all the district hospitals in Kerala through a programme, Uravu (stream)”.

Earlier the Cultural Centre has also provided water dispensers to all district hospitals in the southern state. The Kerala Security Mission is also implementing a project offering health care and support to the elderly as well as providing free treatment for children below 18 years that suffering from terminal diseases such as cancer, whereby the mobile clinics utilized will provide free medicines and palliative care as well as other services. 

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