Know the case of workers living in ‘distressed’ situation in Dubai, who received instant help from the Indian External Affairs Minister

Know the case of workers living in distressed situation in Dubai who received instant help from the Indian External Affairs Minister pardesi news 1459247776

Indian External Affairs Minister Mrs. Sushma Swaraj found out about Indian workers living in a bus in Dubai and she provided them the much-required ‘instant’ help.

There have been several instances where External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj has used social media to solve the problems of the people, and the hi-tech minister did it again recently while reaching out to three workers living in distress situation in the Middle East. Recently, she acted quickly to a report of some Indian workers stranded in Dubai. These workers from Uttar Pradesh were duped and were forced to live on a bus in Dubai.  The minister was quick to respond and instantaneously directed the Indian Embassy in Dubai to help them.

Twenty-three workers from India and Pakistan, including about a dozen youths from eastern Uttar Pradesh, working for a contracting company called Qasr Al Ameer were left in a lurch after their owner fled the country without paying the workers. They were forced to live inside a bus, on the outskirts of Dubai for over a fortnight with little access to food and water.

Reportedly, the workers were recently brought to Dubai after they were duped by a travel agent who promised them lucrative jobs in the country. The agency had charged each of them Rs 60,000- Rs 70,000 for visas. But the travel agent escaped as soon as they reached Dubai and left them in a lurch.

One of the stranded workers, Bhuvneshwar Misra, of Uttar Pradesh had sold his ancestral land and mother's jewelry to get job visa. Another worker a shuttering carpenter, Dharmendra had to take a loan of over Rs 70,000 from a local money-lender to meet the visa and travelling expenses.

But their Dubai dream turned into a nightmare as soon as they landed in the city along with dozen other youth from eastern Uttar Pradesh.

"After spending a few days near another construction site in Al Qouz, we shifted to Dubai. There, we were left with no other option but to stay inside a company bus for over a fortnight. We never had a choice as the company had taken away our passports as well," informed Shiv Pratap Singh, another worker.  The group had to spend a fortnight in a bus on the outskirts of Dubai before some Indian expats including one Mr. Girish Pant, fashion designer Juhi Khan, Radio Jockey Aftab Alam and other community members provided them the necessary help and accommodation. They also approached the external affairs ministry to help the workers return.

After hearing their plight, the External affairs minister Sushma Swaraj immediately directed the Indian embassy in Dubai to help workers forced to live inside a bus. They have now reached India and home, safely.

Indian embassy reaching out to the fellow Indians in the distressed situation and offering ‘instant’ help to them is certainly a welcome initiative, and speaks highly of the concerned Minister.  Recently, the minister had also made the headlines when she ably intervened helping three men from Kerala who were duped by the placement agencies, sending them to Saudi Arabia promising highly-paid jobs, instead were forced to work in a hollow brick-manufacturing unit where they were tortured by their employer.

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