Black Holes Do Not Exist: Nasa Corroborates Indian Scientist Theory

Black Holes Do Not Exist Nasa Corroborates Indian Scientist Theory pardesi news 1459247775

The theory of an Indian astrophysicist Abhas Mitra, who had theorized that Black Holes are actually ultra hot balls of fire like our sun, has now been corroborated by the American space agency, NASA.

The Indian astrophysicist Dr. Abhas Mitra has recently stated in his theory that  the black holes are actually ultra-hot balls of fire like the Sun. Dr. Ashas Mitra, the former head of the theoretical astrophysics department at the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) in Mumbai, who is now appointed as an Adjunct Professor at the Homi Bhabha National Institute explained his theory on black holes being not compact particles with immense gravity, however it’s a fireball with extreme gravity; so much so that even light cannot escape.

He said that as massive star contracts to the size of a black hole, the radiation trapped within the extremely hot star must exert an outward force to counter the gravitational pull resulting into a state of eternal contraction with an infinitesimally slow rate. Thus, instead of true black holes predicted by Einstein’s theory, he proposed that massive stars end up as balls of fire, termed as the Magnetospheric Eternally Collapsing Objects or (the MECOs).

The US space agency NASA has quantified their recent observation of X-Ray flares being dispersed from a black hole. Recently NASA space telescopes also caught a huge burst of X-ray spewing out of a super massive black hole. These flares appeared to be activated by the eruption of a massive corona (charged particles) from the black hole, which does not add up to the conventional theory that nothing can escape a black hole, not even light.

Last year even the noted British physicist Stephen Hawking contradicted his own theory of “black holes and baby universes”, saying Black Holes do not actually exist, this is actually seen as an approval even to the Dr. Mitra’s theory of black holes.

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