Brawl Over Power inside a Gurudwara in California

Brawl Over Power inside a Gurudwara in California pardesi news 1459247775

The Sikh group fight it out in California’s Gurudwara, the dispute is reportedly over the control of the temple administration.

In an embarrassing incident, there was yet another altercation between around 100 people over the leadership of the Gurughar, in Turlock Sikh Temple known as Gurudwara Guru Nanak Sahib Turlock Inc. in California. A similar brawl also broke out in the June 2013 over the dispute in the temple's parking lot.

Many people at the Gurdwara had their ‘kirpans’, which they had pulled out during the fight. When the city Police attempted to clear the Gurdwara, a large group of people refused to leave, which forced the Police to enter inside the premises of the Gurdwara.

Several people were reportedly injured during the altercation and were also exposed to pepper spray. However, no one was reportedly hospitalized. 

Preet Singh, a member of the congregation said there has long been a rift between two factions here, each with its own idea of how the Gurudwara should be run. She also informed that several people bought weapons and pepper spray inside the premises. 

The Sikh temple was built by a group of Sikh community leaders in 2005.

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