Indian-origin social networking site Hubhopper raises first round of funds

Indian origin social networking site Hubhopper raises first round of funds pardesi news 1459247774

The Delhi based user-adaptive social network that's been making waves has just raised an undisclosed amount.

Indian-origin social networking site Hubhopper has raised an undisclosed amount in what is its first round of funds. The Delhi based user-adaptive networking site helps its user’s tailor-make their experience in real time.

According to Mr. Devraj Sanyal, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Universal Music Group and EMI Music, South Asia, “Hubhopper is the platform, where users will put up the mad stuff they discover on the web and others like them will decide whether that thing is awesome or not”. The Founder and CEO Gautam Raj Anand says, "The next 12 months are extremely exciting for us as we take this platform to the next level and build on our core team".

The network is reportedly in talks with several institutional fund managers in India and Singapore for their subsequent fund raising rounds.

The social networking site, Hubhopper caters 'exclusively' to music and the film lovers, thus evolving with the changing moods of its ‘dynamic’ users.

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