India ranked third for issuing passports

India ranked third for issuing passports pardesi news 1459247773

According to a latest External Ministry release, India is in third place in issuing passports to its citizens. China leads, the table followed by the US.

The Indian External Ministry has recently announced that India is in third place in issuing passports to its citizens. China leads, the table followed by the US.

India has reached the third position within the world when China and also the US for issuance twelve million passports this year.  “India is within the third place in issuance passports to the voters. China is within the high position followed by the US,” informs Mr. Muktesh Kumar Pardeshi, the MEA joint secretary.

 “In this fiscal year, twelve million passports either are issued or able to issue against the last fiscal’s (2014-15) range of ten million. 5 years agone the quantity was solely sixteen hundred thousand”, Mr. Pardeshi aforesaid.

According to the official, in the current year around 12 million passports have been issued or ready to issue against last fiscals of approximately 10 million.  China issued around sixteen million passports last year whereas the US has issued fourteen million.

Our target is to extend the quantity of passports to be issued by 20% a lot of within the next fiscal year and to succeed in a minimum of second position within the world in issuance passports”, says the joint secretary of the ministry. He also said the target is to increase the number of passports, thus reaching the second position in the world. He also informed that from issuing passports, the Indian government has earned around Rs. 2,400 crore this year.

The government is committed to issuing passports to all willing Indians and digitally processing passports is a part of e-governance. Passport services are provided through India’s 183 diplomatic missions’ abroad and 100,000 service centres in the country and the national average of days of police verification of passport applicants is 34. India now has around 65 million passport holders.

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