Indian-Origin Singaporean Blind Social Activist Dies of Heart Attack

Indian Origin Singaporean Blind Social Activist Dies of Heart Attack pardesi news 1459247772

Ron Chandran-Dudley, champion of people with disabilities, dies at 81.

Ron Chandran-Dudley, 81, a Singaporean of Indian-origin who has been campaigning for the rights the rights of handicapped both in Singapore and internationally, recently died of a massive heart attack.

Mr. Chandran-Dudley, who himself aspired to be a brain surgeon and was accepted to study medicine in England, unfortunately met with an accident during a rugby match in 1952 at the age of 19, causing him to lose his sight. Determine to overcome his disability, he went to graduate from the London School of Economics and later returned to Singapore to take on the position of general secretary at the Singapore Association for the Blind. He was passionate about serving persons with disabilities.

He worked towards establishing Disabled People's Association (DPA) during the 1980’s in Singapore and Disabled People's International (DPI) in 1981. Mr. Ron was the chairman of the DPI has affiliation to the United Nations and more than 90 countries. He was also bestowed with the prestigious Singapore National Day Award in the year 2001.

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