NRI develops award-winning electronic smart key system

NRI develops award winning electronic smart key system pardesi news 1459247771

A software system engineer of Indian-origin, working in UK has developed a unique electronic lock system, which allows the creation and management of keys and locks that cannot be copied or picked. He has been awarded for his innovation.

A software system engineer of Indian-origin, Nandagopal Lakshminarayanan, working as a knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) associate at Lincoln Security Ltd. has won the Business Leader of the Future award at the Innovate UK’s ‘KTP Best of the Best Awards 2015’ at a ceremony in London. He was awarded for his innovative invention of a unique electronic lock.  

Mr. Lakshminarayanan has developed an ingenious electronic smart key system that allows the creation and management of keys and locks that cannot be copied or picked. The project was a result of a partnership between the university and the security firm under the UK's national KTP scheme, set up to help businesses innovate and grow by linking them with academia to work on a specific project. The University of Lincoln’s School of Computer Science and Lincoln Security under the KTP have jointly created this software for the electronic locking system, called eLOQ.

According to Lakshminarayanan, “The project has enabled me to get involved in both the academic and business sides. The KTP project has presented a unique challenge because it was not just about innovation and technicality but also about creating awareness of a new product”.  

The Lincoln Security has even founded a separate company – Dynamic Access Solutions, in order to introduce the product to the market.

Mr. Lakshminarayanan has studied in India and Singapore and originally hails from the Southern state of Tamil Nadu.

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