Know the ‘Largest Hindu temple’ in Australia, which became functional recently

Know the Largest Hindu temple in Australia which became functional recently pardesi news 1459247770

A Durga temple at Rockbank, in Melbourne, described as the largest Hindu temple in Australia became functional in November last year, thus meeting the long-pending wish of the growing Indian population in the country.

THE Sri DURGA Temple built on the western suburb of Melbourne described as the largest Hindu temple in Australia. It was finally opened on November 30th, last year after around five years of construction.

According to a Sri DURGA Temple volunteer, the $4.5 million hall was the biggest Indian community building in Australia and over 95% of the funds were received from the community donations. The temple's stone idols, weighing approximately five tonnes and carved from the quality marble, cost $100,000 to make and import from India.

The new building will provide a house of Hindu worship to an ever-growing population of Indians and other Hindu nationalities in Australia. The temple is opened daily and organizes popular events including several Hindu festivals apart from holding religious lectures and ‘bhajans’.

Importantly, the Hindu religion has been identified as one of the fastest growing religion in Australia. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), immigration has been a large contributor to the overall Australian population growth for several years and it has consistently been the main driver in recent years, contributing more than 50% of population growth in Australia since 2004. According to an official data, the number of Australian residents who were born in India rose the most, almost tripling from just over 1 lakhs in 2004 to around 4 lakhs by 2014.

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