Indian-origin Anil Dash is Head of White House IT Department

Indian origin Anil Dash is Head of White House IT Department pardesi news 1459247768

An Indian-origin professional, Anil Dash has become the head of the information and technology (IT) department in the White House residence of the US President Barrack Obama.

An Indian-origin IT Expert, Anil Dash, who hails from Kalahandi District of Odisha has become the Head of White House IT Department in the US.

Anil Dash is an advisor to Vox Media, the parent company of The Verge.  He is also a cofounder of Activate & ThinkUp and a blogger since 1999 at 

Importantly, his innovations such as the ThinkUp - an app build for the social web, helping even an average person derive the same value and insight from their data as giant tech companies and marketing firms, has received some great acknowledgement and subscriptions. The app claims to answer questions such as did that tweet which is sent out make people happy or not? 

My work is about how technology shapes culture, business & society, and I also tend to poke around a bit in pop culture, policy and social activism a bit too”, says his introduction on the professional networking site – LinkedIn.

As per report when the dreaded terrorist Osama Bin Laden was being shot dead by the US commandos, direct visuals were streamed by Dash to the US president. For this Dash was heavily praised by the president.

Das parents have immigrated to America during the 1970’s. 

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