End in sight for the Nepal blockade

End in sight for the Nepal blockade pardesi news 1459247768

The Himalayan cabinet has agreed to the Madhesis demand regarding proportional representation and constituency delimitation, a move which is also likely to be welcomed by India.

In a significant development, Nepal government has decided to amend the new Constitution to address two key demands of agitating Madhesis regarding proportional representation and constituency delimitation. The decision of Himalayan cabinet is welcomed by India, which has been repeatedly asking the Nepal government to address the political problems facing that country and seek a broad-based acceptance of the Constitution adopted on September 20, 2015.

The country broke into protests after a new Constitution that Madhesis believe was designed to curb the rights of the Indian origin Nepal residents was put in place. The agitating Indian-origin Nepal residents also called as Madhesi’s, the inhabitants of Nepal's Terai region, have been protesting for over four months against the seven-province model proposed in the new Constitution that divides their ancestral homeland into seven provinces, seen as a way to politically marginalise them.

Madhesi protests at the Indo-Nepal border have hit the daily routine of commuters. They have blockaded Nepal’s border trade points with India, causing a shortage of essential goods and medicines in the landlocked country. In recent days, thousands of trucks have stranded on the Indo-Nepal border causing acute shortage of necessary items and consumables in Nepal. Even in the US, Nepali-Americans have staged protests outside the White House.

Indian-origin Nepal residents constitute roughly forty per cent of Nepal's population.

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