Soft Target Hardening - MCG prepares against potential terrorist attack

Soft Target Hardening MCG prepares against potential terrorist attack pardesi news 1459247768

Big matches and big stadiums are possible targets for terrorists; having realized this security fence is to be built around Melbourne Cricket Ground in Australia.

In the wake of the Paris Stade de France stadium attack, in November 2015, Australia prepares to safeguard against potential terrorist attacks to its own playing grounds. Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) has announced building a 1.8-meter-high (5-foot, 9-inch) fence around the stadium to counter the threat of any potential terrorist attack. The fence will be built 20 to 25 meters (65 to 80 feet) from the building.

Importantly, in the Paris around 130 people were killed in a series of attacks by ISIS in November. The city's main football venue, the Stade de France, was among the targets — although none of the attackers was able to enter the stadium. The attackers were foiled outside the 80,000 capacity stadium, which was hosting a friendly international between the host and Germany with French President Francois Hollande in attendance.

At MCG, the fence will act as a possible security deterrent, where fans will be screened at various entry checkpoints before being admitted to the stadium.

According to the Victoria Police Assistant Commissioner, “A potential threat to a major sporting event in Australia was an 'ugly' thought. But it's a reality, from a counter-terrorism point of view, If we have explosions, the further away you can be from the solid object, the better outcome it will be for the people surrounding".

The barbaric and heinous terrorist acts signal that no venue in any country is immune from such malicious behaviour. More specifically sporting events and arenas may be targeted as was the case in Paris, and it’s a wise move to be prepared against such potential threats. 

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