Help locate Geeta’s family, appeals the Indian External Affairs Minister

Help locate Geeta s family appeals the Indian External Affairs Minister pardesi news 1459247768

Mrs. Sushma Swaraj makes a fervent appeal to locate Geeta’s family, the deaf-mute Indian woman, who inadvertently crossed the border from India to Pakistan, and had lost her family.

The Indian External Affairs Minister, Mrs. Sushma Swaraj has made a fervent appeal to locate the family of Geeta, the deaf-mute Indian woman, in her early 20s, who returned from Pakistan over a month-and-a-half ago. Geeta was around 11 years old when she inadvertently crossed the border from India to Pakistan, and lost her family.

Tweeting about Geeta's identification marks and location of her house at the time she accidentally crossed-over to Pakistan more than a decade ago, Swaraj tweeted, "Please help locate Geeta's parents" and asked people to re-tweet. The minister also released a picture of Geeta to show how she would have looked around 10 years ago.

The Indian External Affairs Minister tweeted, “Geeta's identification marks are: 1) She has two moles above her left eye and eyebrow 2) she has two injury marks on her left heel. There is a hospital on the end of the lane of her house. There are paddy and sugarcane fields. On the other side is a Railway track and Durga mandir. There is a rivulet close by where people do fishing. From what she has conveyed, she appears to be either from Bihar or Jharkhand”.

Importantly, the MEA has decided to start a fresh campaign to find hearing- and speech-impaired girl Geeta’s family. No family has been identified as Geeta's even though many have come forward claiming her to be their daughter including a Muslim family. Geeta has been presently residing with an NGO in Indore, Madhya Pradesh for last nearly two months after her return from Pakistan.  

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