An Indian-American surgeon aims to save lives on Indian roads

An Indian American surgeon aims to save lives on Indian roads pardesi news 1459247767

Road accidents are the daily feature in any big cities across the globe, especially the case with the developing nations, which have relaxed traffic rules and implementation procedure. Mostly people ignore the danger because of it, accidents happen.

An Indian-American surgeon, Dr. Dinesh Vyas, who is working as an assistant professor in the Department of Surgery at Michigan State University is hoping to raise $25 million to train 1.5 million first responders - the first rescuers to arrive at an accident scene. He is now leading a strong international multi-disciplinary team to India from December 26 to January 4, 2016 to win support for the programme from Indian auto, IT and healthcare industries by way of corporate social responsibility (CSR). 

The surgeon has already trained over 4,000 first responders in India using a $200,000 simulator dummy. Over the last eight years, Vyas' team has established five centres in Rajasthan which have trained 2,000 first responders in person and another 2,000 through an online course with the help of 200 trainers under its umbrella.

To raise money for the programme, Dr. Vyas and his team are making presentations to various foundations and IT companies both in the US and India.

Dr. Vyas noted that his programme will generate $5 billion business for auto, IT and healthcare industries and will save a lot of lives.  According to Dr. Vyas, "Our next five-year goal will be to reduce the mortality to one percent annually, at par with any developed nation".

Dr. Vyas said that the technology they are using in India is even not presently available in most of the centres in the US. These proggrammes are designed in a way to eventually help especially the developed nations, in building a cost efficient accident prevention programme.

Unfortunately, accident as a problem has been neglected for a long time and with a three percent annual increase in deaths, India has approximately 1,000 deaths everyday and around 5,000 severe disabilities. These accidents also cost the nation $50 billion annually.

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