World’s Most Prominent Ambassador is an Odisha-born diplomat

World s Most Prominent Ambassador is an Odisha born diplomat pardesi news 1459247766

The Odisha-born IFS is named as world’s most prominent ambassador.

Mr. Amarendra Khatua, an Odisha-born diplomat, serving an Ambassador of India to the Argentina Republic, has been nominated as world’s most prominent ambassador.

A few hours after completing his successful tenure as ambassador to Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay, the American Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) World News has nominated Mr. Amarendra Khatua as the most prominent diplomat among those who recently finished their duties.

Among the prominent initiatives taken by the Indian Foreign Service (IFS) officer include forums and meetings of entrepreneurs in the pursuit of commercial business, and the contacts made with governors and mayors of major cities in Argentina. Mr. Khatua, who has successfully managed to gain a privileged place in Argentina, was appointed as the Ambassador in the year 2012.

Expressing his happiness Mr. Khatua said, “Argentines are getting to know many things about India as they are traveling to my country. The economic ties have grown manifold with an increase in exports and imports. Information and technology companies have employed over 1,800 Argentine workers, four floors of agrochemicals, motorcycles and tractors assembly in Santa Fe, pharmaceuticals and utilities have been set up”.

Mr. Amarendra Khatua joined the Indian Foreign Service in 1981.

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