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India’s first Diabetes app hopes to ‘revolutionise’ lives.

With the launch if the first diabetes app, people suffering from diabetes in India are hoping to get back some of their normal life again. This app is expected to make life of diabetes patients much simpler and easier.

This app has been created by an Indian start-up the ‘Diabeto’. The app was officially launched on the World Diabetes Day, which felt on 14th November, 2015. According to the company sources, this app will enable people to track blood glucose data and upload and store the details on the cloud server.

According to Mr. Shreekant Pawar, the Co-Founder of the app, “We have been working on this concept for four years now. The cause is very close to our hearts; in our crowd funding campaign earlier this year the global market validated our idea by helping us raise $18.945. So, after all the hard work and all this time, we are very happy to announce the worldwide launch of Diabeto”.

On what has made this app unique? Pawar explains, "There are many apps available, but none gives a 360-degree management solution. We are actually one step closer in becoming a complete management unit from home".

Diabetes is growing alarmingly in India, home to over 65 million people with the disease, compared to approximately 50 million in 2010. It is predicted that by 2030, diabetes mellitus may afflict around 80 million people in India.

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