Know a Blind Indian CEO, Who heads a 50-Crore Company

Know a Blind Indian CEO Who heads a 50 Crore Company pardesi news 1459247764

The success story of a young Indian, who fought against all odds to build a 50-crore empire.

Fortune favours the Brave! This is the story of a Blind man Mr. Srikanth Bolla, who fought against all odds to build a 50-crore empire. Born to uneducated parents who earned a meagre Rs. 20,000 a year, they were advised to smother their child, as a baby because it would be a lifelong disability to him. Fortunately, they did not heed to the advice and brought him up lovingly and with affection.

Being born blind and poor did not stop him of dreaming for his bright future. He was denied to take the option of science in class 10 because of his disability. But due to his sheer determination he became the first international blind student to be admitted to the prestigious MIT in the US.

Years later, he became the CEO of Hyderabad based Bollant industries worth Rs. 50 crore, which employs uneducated and disabled employees to manufacture eco-friendly, disposable consumer packaging solutions.

He started the firm with the help of Angel investor Mr. Ravi Mantha, who not only invested in his firm but also became a mentor to Srikanth after hearing his vision for his business.

Srikanth who believes that good always comes back to you, dreams of taking the company to IPO. They have already raised 9 crores and hope to raise about 13 crores. His vision is to build a sustainable company that comprises a workforce of 70 percent people with disability.

According to Srikanth, who believes in sharing the joy and creating future for disabled in the country, “The compassion is a way of showing someone to live; to give someone an opportunity to thrive and make them rich. Richness does not come from money; it comes from happiness”.

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