Indian-origin man jailed for abducting his 6-year old daughter

Indian origin man jailed for abducting his 6 year old daughter pardesi news 1459247763

An Indian-origin man who abducted his six-year-old daughter and put her in a boarding school in India has been jailed for four-and-a-half years by a British court.

A 75-year-old Indian origin man, Amarjit Singh, was recently jailed by a British court for abducting his six year old daughter and sending her to a boarding school in India. Leicester Crown Court ruled that he was being “cruel without measure” for keeping the mother and kid separated for last three years.

Judge Nicholas Dean pronounced the judgement by stating that although the defence evidence had been provided to suggest the mother had an alcohol-related problem there was nothing to suggest she was anything other than a loving mother to her daughter. They have not seen each other for three years when, previously, they would have had a daily, intimate connect.

Singh was reportedly in a relationship with a lady of Polish descent and suggested her to abort the baby, when she turned pregnant. The woman decided to keep the baby and gave birth to a girl in the year 2006. Singh saw his daughter for the first time when she was nine months old, he took without her mother’s consent when she was six year old and took her to a boarding school in India. He went to Romania and then brought her to Punjab, where he got her admission in a boarding school.

The court said the abduction had been planned and premeditated by Singh, whose ultimate goal was that the child would go into the Indian boarding school even though he knew he was committing a criminal offence by taking her there. The judge further observed that the accused had been intentionally unhelpful and obstructive with the probation service; he had done little to assist the girl’s return to the UK, and had actually admitted to the police that he had no interest in his daughter. ”It is to be hoped that she will be returned to this country”, the judge concluded in his judgement.

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