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Revisiting the EPIC journey of an Indian lover to Sweden

Revisiting the EPIC journey of an Indian lover to Sweden pardesi news 1459247762

In an age of instant break ups and status updates, it is hard to believe that a man will cycle for around five months covering a distance of over 6,000 kms, taking 4 months and 3 weeks to meet the love of his life.

Dr. Pradyumna Kumar Mahanandia usually referred to as PK Mahanandia, an India-born Swedish artist famous for his around 5 months incredible journey by a ‘second’ hand bicycle from New Delhi to Gothenburg in 1977 to meet his love Charlotte Von Schedvin. He was an accomplished artist born to a poor family of Orissa; but he never let the poverty preventing him from realizing his dreams of better education and love for art. He was a student of College of Art in New Delhi, where he also became popular for making stunning portraits.

A beautiful, 19-year-old girl Charlotte Von Sledvin heard about him in Sweden and came all the way to get her portrait made by the artist. They fell in love with each other and got married instantly according to the Hindu rituals; she changed her name to Charulata. Unfortunately, she had to leave for Sweden soon after and Pradyumna could not join her as he was still in the college. But, their long distance relationship did not fade away their love for each other.

Eventually, the young Pradyumna decided to join her wife in Sweden, however due to financial constraints, he could not afford a ticket to Sweden and refused to take one from his wife, either. He then started his journey to Sweden on his second-hand cycle. After a long arduous journey of around five months (4 months and 3 weeks to be precise), he finally reached her hometown of Gothenburg, Sweden. But that did not end his trial, the Swedish immigration officers refused to believe his reasons behind the incredible journey. On hearing the news, Charlotte rushed to meet her husband and welcomed him home.

As with every fairy tale, this had a happy ending with both of them living a happy married life in Sweden for last 40 years. PK and Lotta (name given by PK to Charlotte) married again in 1979. They have a son Siddharth and a daughter Emelie. They are currently living in Charlotte's home town Borås. Dr. Pradyumna today serves as the Odiya Cultural Ambassador of India to Sweden.

This long eventful journey and inspiring love tale might be seen into a movie soon as renowned Bollywood film maker, Sanjay Leela Bansali is reportedly planning to take up this story for his next film!

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