Indian-origin writer awarded with the South East Asia literary award

Indian origin writer awarded with the South East Asia literary award pardesi news 1459247762

This year prestigious South East Asia Writer Award has been facilitated to Indian-origin writer Jamaludeen Mohamed (J.M) Sali, who writes in his native language - Tamil.

An Indian-origin writer Mr. Jamaludeen Mohamed Sali, 76, from Singapore has been awarded the prestigious 2015 South East Asia Write Award. Mr. Sali is a well-renowned author who has written over 50 books, 80 plays and over 400 short stories. His stories Vellai Kodugal (White Lines) Alaigal Pesuginrana (The Sound of the Waves), is presently studied by the Tamil literature students in Singapore and other Indian universities. He is famously known to the literary world as J.M. Sali. Mr. Sali was invited to Singapore at the age of 25 to be an assistant editor at the Tamil Murasu newspaper by its founder, the late G. Sarangapani.

The award was bestowed upon him at the annual ASEAN regional award for literary excellence in Bangkok, Thailand.

He has earlier been awarded with Singapore’s prestigious Cultural Medallion and a number of acknowledgements for his literary work as well as honor from Tamil Nadu.

I do not consider the award as recognition for me, but for Singapore. I hope we can continue to give awards to literary talents and writers here, to encourage them to write in their mother tongue… I still get asked by the magazines there [in India] to write articles, so I will keep writing as long as they ask”, said Mr. Sali, who lives with his wife and a 28-year-old son in Singapore. 

The Southeast Asian Literary Award was established in 1979. It is being presented annually to writers and poets in the Southeast Asia r Nations (ASEAN). The award is bestowed for a specific work by an author or awarded for lifetime achievement.  

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