Two Indian-origins honored with National Order in South Africa

Two Indian origins honored with National Order in South Africa pardesi news 1459247762

Two Indian-origin social activists were awarded the top civilian award, Order of Luthuli for their roles in freedom struggle, human rights and nation-building.

Kay Moonsamy and Mohammad Tickly, two Indian- origin social activists were awarded the top civilian awards by President Jacob Zuma for their roles in the freedom struggle.

The Order of Luthuli recognizes South African citizens who have contributed to the struggle for democracy, nation-building, democracy and human rights, justice and peace as well as for the resolution of conflict.

On conferring the award in a ceremony in Pretoria the SA President, Mr. Zuma said, "We confer the Order today to Kay Moonsamy, a trade unionist and South African Communist Party and African National Congress (ANC) veteran who remained committed to the struggle despite detentions and torture by the apartheid regime".  

The two were among the Twenty three South Africans and nine other foreign nationals who were honoured for their contributions.

The National Order was bestowed in bronze to Kay Moonsamy and Mohammad Tickly for their roles in the freedom struggle in South Africa. Importantly, these National Orders in several categories and classes are the highest awards that South Africa bestows on its citizens and eminent foreign nationals, who have contributed towards the advancement of democracy, while also making significant impact on improving the lives of the ordinary South Africans. The previous recipients have included Mahatma Gandhi.

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