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Danny Batth is a captain of English Professional football club Wolverhampton Wanderers FC, and is influential with Asians in Wolverhampton

It was recently told by an Indian-origin player Danny Batth that level of Asian players is going up and soon Britain will have several such playing here.  In a recent interview with an English daily, he said, “I would say it is a matter of time really. As time goes on it will be as standard as seeing an African, an American or a Spanish player playing. It is like the England cricket team. There are a lot of Asian players but it is just integration which takes time”. 

The 25-year-old player of Punjabi descent player has an Indian father and English mother. He said his family shifted to Britain, when he was 12 years old and he never had problem with his parents pushing him to the game.   His dad owned a sports shop and was as committed as he gets to helping realize his son’s ambition of making it as a footballer. “My parents have always been the same and have supported me and my siblings in any way they can”, said Danny.

For now, Batth remains a role model to the Asian community as a football success story. There are currently three more Asian players to have represented England at any level over the last 18 months, including Yann Dhanda, Easah Suleman and Adil Nabi

He said football club has many Asian and Punjabi supporters and he is influential with Asians in Wolverhampton. He is also an ambassador of Punjabi Wolves supporters group. Asians are the largest minority community in Britain with four million people living here.

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