NRI scientists discover new allotrope of carbon

NRI scientists discover new allotrope of carbon pardesi news 1459247760

Q-carbon the new found solid phase of carbon is a distinct from graphite and diamond, two known solid phases of carbon.

The US-based NRI scientists - Prof. Narayan and his colleague, of the North Carolina (NC) State University Ph.D. student Anagh Bhaumik have developed a technique for using Q-carbon to make diamond-related structures at room temperature

The only place it may be found in the natural world would be possibly in the core of some planets, the new phase of solid carbon, called Q-carbon glows when exposed to even low levels of energy-make it very promising for developing new electronic display technologies,” said the Professor.

"We can create diamond needles or micro needles, Nano needles, or large-area diamond films, with applications for drug delivery, industrial processes and for creating high-temperature switches and power electronics," Mr. Narayan added.

The new carbon allotrope has some peculiar and distinctive characteristics - it is ferromagnetic, harder than diamond, and it glows when exposed to low levels of energy. NC State has filed two provisional patents on the Q-carbon and diamond creation techniques.

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