Indian-origin author Priya Parmar`s historical novel hits NYT’s list of top 100

Indian origin author Priya Parmar s historical novel hits NYT s list of top 100 pardesi news 1459247758

Sense of betrayal … a 1912 portrait by Vanessa Bell of her sister, Virginia Woolf.

Indian-origin author Priya Parmar's novel about acclaimed painter Vanessa Bell and her more famous sister English writer Virginia Woolf has been named by New York Times (NYT) in its annual prestigious list of 100 most notable books of 2015.

The novel spans the period 1905 to 1912 and is structured around Vanessa’s fictional journal, interwoven with letters. After immersing herself in thousands of letters, Ms. Parmar invented a diary for Vanessa as unlike Virginia, though she did not keep a diary.

Fiction and history merge seamlessly in her dazzling novel about an incredible circle of bohemian artists in early 20th century, London particularly the rivalry between two famous sisters.  Parmar acknowledges the difficulty in her afterword: “It is not easy to fictionalise the Bloomsbury Group as their lives are so well documented.”

Author of one previous novel, "Exit the Actress," the NRI writer lives in Hawaii and London.

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