A ‘BIG-FAT NRI wedding’ worth Rs. 55-crore happened in Kerala

A BIG FAT NRI wedding worth Rs 55 crore happened in Kerala pardesi news 1459247758

A Rs. 55-crore wedding extravaganza happened in Kollam's Asramam ground, Kerala as the NRI magnate Ravi Pillai's daughter, Dr Arathi, tied knot with Dr Adithya Vishnu.

If any Indian wedding ever deserves the title ‘big-fat’ title, then this 55-crore wedding extravaganza, which happened recently in Kollam's Asramam ground, Kerala  to celebrate the marriage of an NRI business tycoon’s daughter Arathi to Dr Aditya Vishnu, will undoubtedly be the one such grand wedding carnival.

The festivities of this extravaganza were planned by the production designer of the bollywood’s record breaker movie ‘Bahubali’.  The wedding set, spread over eight acres, has cost more than Rs 20 crore. The pandal was made by a team of 200 professionals led by film art director Sabu Cyril. Cyril said the wedding set was larger than the one he made for `Bahubali'.

The list of distinguished attendees includes - T P Seetharaman, ambassador of India to the UAE; Sheikh Khalifa Bin Daij Al Khalifa, president, Crown Prince Office, Bahrain; Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalid H A Al Thani, Royal Family of Qatar; Dr Essam Abdullah, Saudi Royal Family; and, Lebanese ambassador Michel El Khoury, etc. The extravaganza was as such that few distinguished invitees even landed to the venue by the Chartered flights. The security detail at the wedding included around 250 policemen and 350 private security guards.

The NRI entrepreneur B Ravi Pillai, who turned the wedding of his daughter into the biggest gala the state has seen so far, has a net worth of $2.8 billion (approx. Rs 1858.8 crore). Mr. Pillai is considered the richest keralite around; his RP Group has a strong presence in the Gulf in construction, infrastructure development, mining and education, with over 80,000 employees across 26 companies.

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