Bengali popular deliciously ‘Mishti Doi’ will soon be unveiled in the international market

Bengali popular deliciously Mishti Doi will soon be unveiled in the international market pardesi news 1459247757

The popular Bengali sweet ‘Mishti-Doi' may be launched in the European markets soon.

The French dairy giant Danone is piloting a reverse innovation project to launch the Desi dairy products in some of its international markets. It might soon be possible to see the delicious ‘Mishti-Doi’ (sweet yoghurt), served with French crème Brulee on the European dinner tables.

According to Laurent Marcel, MD of Danone India, “There is a big similarity between food habits of people in France and India. Along with the tendency of using fresh ingredients to prepare meals, people of both countries are heavy yoghurt users”.

The company's R&D department in France has also been studying the recipe of mango lassie, a flavoured yoghurt-based drink. While the popular lassie may hit to retail shelves first, Mishti-Doi could be one of the other yoghurt-based contenders to follow soon. “The texture of lassie could be very attractive to European palates. Exotic food that can double as healthy alternatives is a big global trend now”, Marcel concluded.

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