US Astronaut tweets stunning night images of South India

US Astronaut tweets stunning night images of South India pardesi news 1459247756

US astronaut Scott Kelly has tweeted stunning night images of South India from the International Space Station, which has eversince gone viral on the micro blogging sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

The picture was shot from the South-West direction and India’s south coast is in the east direction in the image. In the image, faded yellow colour is spread all over and beautifully embedded in the night. Bright spots denote cities in the image.

The image went viral on the micro blogging site Twitter and the tweet has already been re-tweeted over 4,000 times, since the TeCake website reported last.

Astronaut Scott Kelly aboard the International Space Station (ISS) for a ground-breaking endurance mission and is still upbeat after completing nine months in the space. “There’s still things we need to learn, but I think we’ve learned a lot of from this space station and our experience in space,” he said. “The long pole in the tent, so to speak, for going to Mars is the support of the nation, the support of our representatives in government and, of course, the money. It’s expensive and we have different priorities but I think it’s a trip that’s worth the investment”.

The astronaut had earlier tweeted a series of pictures including images of Indian cities, The Great Ganges and stunning night time image of Indian-Pakistan border captured at night last month Kelly has spent 415 days on ISS, the longest by an American astronaut. On October 16, he completed 383 days in space, breaking the record of US astronaut Mike Fincke, who had spent 382 cumulative days. 


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