US playwright can’t see Caucasians as Indians, cancels play

US playwright can t see Caucasians as Indians cancels play pardesi news 1459247754

Clarion University of Pennsylvania has reportedly canceled the play at the request of the playwright after he took issue with the cast being nearly all-white playing Indian characters.

A New York-based Korean-American playwright was recently criticized in the US for calling off the $15,000 stage production "Jesus in India" because he couldn't see Caucasians (all-white) actors playing the Indian characters. The Clarion University of Pennsylvania reportedly obliged him by cancelling the play.

As the Student actors and stage crew arrived for one of the final rehearsals before the Nov. 18th, opening - only to learn the show getting cancelled, the last minute. 

The US playwright Suh had objections to the Caucasians playing the three of the five characters, in the stage production, which were Indians - the characters of Gopal, Sushil and Mahari. "I was uncomfortable with any notion that I supported Caucasians portraying Indian characters in my play", said the US playwright. The cancellation of the play evoked strong criticism of him, throughout the US.

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