Indian researchers win NASA Award for innovative ‘Burst Tyre Solution’

Indian researchers win NASA Award for innovative Burst Tyre Solution  pardesi news 1459247753

A puncture-proof tyre invented by a team of Odisha researchers has won innovation award in ‘Create the Future Design Contest – 2015’ which was conducted by NASA Tech Brief in New York.

There have been several attempts to limit the impact of punctures, especially due to overheating, but no plausible solution had been found so far, till the four research scholars from Odisha, under the team Tychee Juno (TJ) demonstrated latest innovation which not only decreases the possibilities of bursts, but has also taken care of punctures, dynamic wheel balancing, increasing fuel efficiency and life.  

This team, which bagged the coveted award from NASA is led by Sameer Panda, a PhD scholar and comprises of three other members Udit Bondia, Dr. Kshama Nidhi Panda and Smitiparna Satpathy from Odisha. The burst prevention and puncture curative technology is an invention by Tychee Juno, which is now looking for investments to commercialize the product globally to save thousands of lives and decrease carbon foot print.

Sameer Panda, TJ team leader said, “It has clocked more than 40,000 hours in last more than a decade in inventing the technology that can be manufactured in existing manufacturing set up and can also be retrofitted in any tubeless, self-supported or auxiliary supported tyre”.

NASA Tech Brief is a joint effort of NASA and Society of Automobile Engineers International.

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