Australia’s Big Brother 2014 contestant Priya Malik, enters the Indian reality TV show Bigg Boss 9

Australia s Big Brother 2014 contestant Priya Malik enters the Indian reality TV show Bigg Boss 9 pardesi news 1459247752

Priya Malik, a finalist of Big Brother Australia 2014, has entered the Indian reality TV show, to be the fourth wild card entry.

Priya Malik, a finalist of Channel Nine’s reality TV Big Brother Australia 2014, has entered the Indian reality TV show Bigg Boss 9 as a wild card contestant. The 28-year-old teacher was born and brought up in Dehradun and got her English Honors degree from the Delhi University. Priya came to Australia on a student visa in 2008, while studying for a master’s in education at the University of South Australia. She later joined teaching at an Australian college before making her way to the Australian show, the previous year.

Priya is popularly known as Posh Spice of Australian TV, known more for her comedy. In Australia, she had earlier participated in Adelaide comedy contest, a platform provided for the stand-up comedians. While on the “Big Brother” show, she reportedly faced harsh racial backlash, bullying and trolls on the social media, leading to even death threats long after getting evicted from the show.   

Priya is expected to bring the much-needed drama to the house. She is the fourth wild card entry in the programme and has already created enough stir in the house, by accusing the other contestant Rishabh Sinha of sexually touching her during the luxury budget task.

Upon her inclusion to the show as a wild card entry, Priya Malik says that her experience at the international show will be an “advantage” for her. “I am not jittery at all! In fact, I have been on “Big Brother” (Australia), which is a similar format, if not identical. I think that puts me at an advantage", said  Priya.  She further says her “strategy is to not to be afraid of showing who I truly am unless I am Kishwar (Merchant) because that’s not what everyone wants to see.” 

On the host Salman, the popular actor, Priya says, “I love Salman Khan. I am going to flirt with Salman whenever I get a chance. I have already told my husband about it. I hope I will get along with him well".

The Bigg Boss show features the ‘celebrity contestants’ in a game of survival, wherein locked in an isolated house for a period of around three months, sunning the luxuries they are used to, and under 24X7 camera surveillance.  Bigg Boss 9 is aired every night on the Indian network ‘Colors’, and can also be watched live stream online on the network's official link.

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