Kuwait suspends issuing visas to Indian domestic workers

Kuwait suspends issuing visas to Indian domestic workers pardesi news 1459247752

Kuwait has officially suspended issuing entry visas to the Indian domestic workers, upon the Indian foreign ministry request.

The domestic workers from India will not be able to seek employment in Kuwait, which recently suspended issuing entry visas to the Indian domestic workers; the decision was made following a missive from the Indian foreign ministry to the Kuwait interior ministry.

Indian ambassador to Kuwait Mr. Sunil Jain informed that since Kuwait is the only Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, comprising Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, that has failed to accept a condition set by the Indian government requesting foreign employers to pay $2,500 (Dh9,182) as bank guarantee to hire Indian domestic workers. The Indian government has therefore asked the Kuwaiti authorities to stop issuing visas since domestic workers were entering the country illegally and there was no mechanism available to track their movements or otherwise, if they faced problem. India attributed the imposition of the security deposit after Indian missions in the GCC countries following reported complaints about unpaid or delayed salaries and harassment.

”Since Kuwait did not want its citizens to provide bank guarantees to ensure the rights of workers, we asked them not to issue visas as middlemen are illegally bringing in workers from India", informed the Indian ambassador.

Importantly, Indians make up the largest expatriate community in Kuwait, numbering over 750,000 including over 25-percent domestic workers, most of them working in the construction and other service sectors.

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