Madhuchandan, a software engineer from US is unleashing an agrarian revolution in his hometown Mandhya

Madhuchandan a software engineer from US is unleashing an agrarian revolution in his hometown Mandhya pardesi news 1459247751

Madhuchandan, a software engineer has recently left his comfortable job in the United States to sow the seeds of an organic farming movement in India; the much of the positive changes occurring there is thanked to him only.

Madhuchandan, an young IT professional from US is unleashing an agrarian revolution, a silent one, in Mandya, around 40 kilometres away from Mysore, Karnataka.  The farmers have begun selling organic farm products for good profits there.

The story begins with the software developer deciding to give back to what he came from, in August 2014 he returned with, his wife Archana and daughter to pursue his passion of farming. He had a prior experience of working with several IT majors; Madhuchandan also co-founded a company called Verifaya in 2005, used for automated testing software, used by the corporates across the globe.

To begin with, he started the Mandya Organic Farmers Cooperative Society with the active participation of a group of 270 farmers, who now cultivate and sell their organic farm products profitably. By setting up a retail outlet near the farmland to sell products, Madhuchandan has succeeded in offering them the best prices. Expressing the future plans, Mr. Madhu Chandan says, “I want to build a big a brand in agriculture so that farmers take pride of their profession ‘farming’. These days many farmers are quitting farming, this will change if they can associate themselves with a well-recognized brand and I want to empower them with such a platform and brand”.

In these months, his efforts have made positive contributions to the lives of around 300 farmers in and around Mandya in Karnataka, through a rural cooperative and an enterprise mechanism,  expected to generate annual turnover of over Rs 35 crore. 

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