Canadian Minister Harjit Sajjan racially abused by soldier on social media

Canadian Minister Harjit Sajjan racially abused by soldier on social media pardesi news 1459247750

The Indian-origin Harijit Sajjan was recently appointed Canada’s New Defence Minister, he was racially abused by a Canadian soldier on social media.

Harjit Sajjan, an Indian origin Canadian Sikh and a decorated military veteran was recently been appointed as the new defence minister of Canada by Justin Trudeau, the 23rd Prime Minister of Canada. He has earlier served three tours of duty for the Forces in Afghanistan, and one in Bosnia, and worked as a detective in the Vancouver Police Service.

The Canadian military declined to identify the soldier or precisely what was written. It is reported that an “inappropriate statement” was made on the social media, the Facebook about India-born Sajjan’s “ethnic background”.

Sajjan was a Lt Colonel in the Canadian Armed Forces. He was a combat veteran and has served in Bosnia. Moreover, he had been sent on duty for about three times in Kandahar, Afghanistan. He received Meritorious Service Medal in 2013, for his fight against the Talibans in Kandahar. In addition, he has received several other military honours. He has assisted the senior management to identify rebellious dominions and connection points in Afghanistan by involving powerful Afghan tribal leaders. His methods to find the points were based on his critical knowledge of the domestic culture and tribal dynamics in Afghanistan.

Sajjan belongs to Hoshiarpur District of Punjab in India. He came to Canada at the age of five along with his family. He is presently an elected representative from the Vancouver South parliamentary seat in Canada.

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