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Peter Mukerjea found guilty in the Sheena Bohra murder case

Peter Mukerjea found guilty in the Sheena Bohra murder case pardesi news 1459247749

Indian Media tycoon Peter Mukerjea, was recently arrested in the Sheena Bora case, and has been accused by the CBI of criminal conspiracy and murder.

According to the around 1,000 pages charge sheet filed by the CBI, the Indian premier investigating agency, tracking that media tycoon, Peter Mukerjea was well aware of the murder of 24-year old, Ms. Sheena Bora planned by her wife Indrani, in conjunction with her ex-husband Sanjeev Khanna, who got arrested on April 2015. Peter Mukerjea "played an active role in the commission of offence", the CBI informed the court. The probe agency had also told the court that Peter was in continuous conversation with his wife, Indrani prior to, during and after the murder.  The arrest took place reportedly after Indrani's conflicting statements led the CBI to believe that he was aware of the plot to kill his step-daughter.

Peter on April 2015, when receiving the news of his wife Indrani's arrest, stated of being completely unaware about Sheena's murder planning. Importantly, upon questioning by the Mumbai police, he provided a ‘written statement’ to the police that was prepared in conjunction with his lawyer. Peter also provided the details of his passport, as the evidence, of his absentia from India, that he was in Rome at the time of the murder, which happened in April, 2012. Importantly, Sheena was strangled allegedly by Indrani, her ex-husband Sanjeev Khanna and driver Shyam Rai. Her body was set on fire and dumped in the forest in Raigad, around 80 km from Mumbai.

 “Charges against him (Peter) are absolutely outrageous… I don't believe he knew (anything about the murder)... otherwise I wouldn't be here", said Rahul Mukerjea, son of Peter Mukerjea. “I am innocent, I am being framed”, said the prime murder  accused, Indrani Mukerjea speaking out in public for the first time. However, she refused to comment on Peter's involvement in the case.

CBI has now arrested the media-baron, Peter Mukerjea for his involvement in plotting the murder with her wife Indrani , on charges of  disguising the police, committing false statements to the police and causing disappearance of the evidences.

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