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The rare ‘Blue Dragon’ washes-up on the shore in Queensland, Australia

The rare Blue Dragon washes up on the shore in Queensland Australia pardesi news 1459247749

This peculiar creature is rare, at the same time ‘stunning’ in its looks!

The ‘Blue Dragon’, if one goes by its rather unattractive ‘sea slug’ title is rarely spotted by the humans. Recently, one of these alien-like specimens was caught on film after washing ashore in Queensland, Australia

It's not a mythical creature, though it is named after one. This is the sea creature named Glaucus Atlanticus or blue sea slug, a species of sea slug, more specifically a nudi-branch, found in tropical waters across the world. This beautiful looking sea creature normally floats upside down on the surface tension of the water, and feeds on creatures like the Portuguese man o' war, it can even sting on being touched.

This rare ‘Blue Dragon’ washed up on an Australia shore recently and video of its striking blue paint-job went viral ever since.

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