Two Indian-Origin men accused of human trafficking in New Zealand

Two Indian Origin men accused of human trafficking in New Zealand pardesi news 1459247749

Two Indian-Origin men are allegedly involved in trafficking of 18 Indians to New Zealand.

Two Indian-origin men— Satnam Singh and Jaswinder Singh Sangha, are accused in a human trafficking case in New Zealand. They will face litigations in the High Court at Nelson, New Zealand. They are accused of trafficking 18 Indians to work in horticulture during 2008 and 2009 by the Immigration New Zealand (INZ) under the Crimes Act of bringing people into the country by coercion or deception. They also face charges of knowingly producing a false or misleading document to an immigration, visa, or refugee status officer.

If proven guilty, the accused will face a maximum penalty of upto 20 years jail term, a fine of 500,000 New Zealand dollars ( or $326,275) or both. One more person is reportedly accused with them in the case. It is believed that the trial is taking a longer time than desired, as it involves a lot of language translation and witnesses.  A jury will be appointed for the trial proceedings following jury selection and pre-trial formalities at the Bridge St courthouse. Justice Robert Dobson will be responsible for deciding the case.

They were arrested in August 2015 and are probably the first person to be charged with such cases in New Zealand.

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