India asks UK government to allow talented migrants to settle in the UK

India asks UK government to allow talented migrants to settle in the UK pardesi news 1459247747

India sends an important message to the UK governement, asking them to allow talented migrants to come to the UK

Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi on his visit to United Kingdom stated contribution of the Indian diaspora to the British economy. He emphasized on the need to allow talented Indian migrants to settle in UK, as they are considered as the major contributors in the economic development. 

There has long been criticism from India that Britain's immigration rules limiting the number of skilled migrants entering the country to work for specific businesses (using what are called Tier 2 visas) are too stringent to facilitate the expansion of the mutual trading links.

"When you talk of trade, we are still stuck at the level of around $18bn (£11.8bn), which is less than 2% for both of us of our global trade. So obviously there is much more that can be done”, said one of the Indian High Commissioner spokesperson in the UK.

"I think in any two countries anywhere in the world, the ease of travelling between business partners is very significant," said Mr. Natarajan Chandrasekaran, the chief executive of the Indian technology firm Tata consultancy services (TCS) explaining that the expansion plans in the UK are being constrained. In a major step forward, TCS has announced training approximately 1,000 British university graduates in business and commercial skills. On the other hand, the UK will establish a new inst to train Indian cyber security professionals.

The message has been sent that making the migration easier will make the bond stronger between the two countries.

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