Indian community shocked by discriminatory advertisement in New Zealand

Indian community shocked by discriminatory advertisement in New Zealand pardesi news 1459247747

An advertisement appearing on the largest online marketplace Trademe stating “no Indians or Asians” need apply has shocked and disappointed the Indian community in New Zealand.

An ad stating “No Indians or Asians’ for flatmates appearing on New Zealand’s biggest online marketplace, Trademe released by a Christchurch man has sparked an outrage among the Indian community that said it was a case of explicit discrimination.

The advertisement is reportedly listed by a person from Christchurch city named Alistair. He termed the advertisement as 'non-racist' and stated that he just wanted to 'avoid' living with people who "prepare curry every night and are unable to speak in English".

According to Mr. Harshadbhai Patel, President of Indian Central Association (ICA), the advertisement has hurt the sentiments of Indian community in the country. He added that it is derogatory and shocking to hear such news. He expressed his surprise over the advertisement stating that he cannot believe that the incident had occurred in a country like New Zealand. "It's not on. And we should not encourage these kinds of advertisements, especially targeting Asians and Indians," Patel said.

He opined that we must not encourage such discriminatory advertisements especially against Asians and Indians as it deteriorates the cordial relationships between the races.  Meanwhile, the advertisement has been removed from Trademe, after triggering enough attention and outrage

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