Priyanka Chopra rumoured to date an NRI

Priyanka Chopra rumoured to date an NRI pardesi news 1459247747

Bollywood's diva Priyanka Chopra is reportedly dating a NRI mystery man

Priyanka Chopra, the famous Bollywood actress, is believed to be dating a US-based NRI. She had been in news, earlier also due to her involvement in number of relationships. However, she has become secretive about her private life after rumours of her relationship with the actor Shahid Kapoor surfaced in media.

It is believed that the person she is dating currently is a US national, whose details are kept completely 'secret'. In the past, Chopra had been rumoured to have relationship with Shahid Kapoor, Harman Baweja, Aseem Merchant, Akshay Kumar and Shah Rukh Khan. However, Chopra has never made any official disclosure about her relationship with anybody, she keeps this tradition presently also. There are neither further details available and nor any confirmation or denial from the lady in question as yet.

However, Chopra’s fans will be glad to know that she has someone in her life after a long time.

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