Australian Brigadier sets target of several thousand Push-Ups to help Indian martyr family in difficult times

Australian Brigadier sets target of several thousand Push Ups to help Indian martyr family in difficult times pardesi news 1459247746

Aussie Brig ‘pushes’ hard to help martyr Indian Major’s son, suffering with spinabifida

Every single time you help somebody stand up you are helping humanity rise”, Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free.

An Australian Brigadier is set to do over 14,000 push-ups in London to raise 25,000 Australian pounds for treatment of martyr Indian Major's differently-able, son whom he had first met at India's prestigious Defence Services Staff College in the year 1994.

Brigadier Sowry first met Major Mohit Whig in the academy and had developed a deep friendship with him and his family, ever since.  On 4 June 1997, while on a patrol, Major Whig along with three other soldiers was killed in a land mine blast. He left behind his wife Tina and two young children, Zorawar and Fateh.

Brigadier Sowry came in touch with the family few years back through social media site facebook. It was then he came to know about his friend’s demise and the condition of his younger son, Fateh, who is suffering with spinabifida, a major birth defect in which spinal cord is exposed which should be protected within the vertebral column.  Fateh has been receiving intensive medical care in India but there is a lack of rehabilitative care due to resource constraints here. His mother has been supporting the medical care on the widow pension, she receives from the Indian army.

"I received a letter from Tina and I still remember the shock (I still have her letter) when Tina said Mohit was dead. As is always the case the tragedy hit the family even more with the severe spina bifeda that beset Fateh, his second son," recalls Brigadier Sowry, now settled in London as a defence expert.

Brigadier Sowry decided to do push-ups to raise funds and the fund-raising campaign is called as PUFF - Push Ups for Fateh.

He will conduct it four times the number of push-ups there are kilometers covered in the 'Tour De France' race. The race track is over 3,500 kilometers. That makes over 14,000 push-ups in three weeks. The event 'PUFF’ will be held in London. Not only Wig’s classmates from the academy but people from various walks of life have also come forward to provide assistance with the project. The brigadier has already raised over 10,000 pounds which is almost half of the required sum. He hopes to collect the desired amount by the end of three weeks.

Brigadier Sowry has also written to several senior Indian Army officials and other government functionaries, and he is expecting a favourable response.

Brigadier Sowry has once again proved that 'friendship' and 'humanity' does not know any boundaries.

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