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Why you should start practicing Yoga today

Why you should start practicing Yoga today pardesi news 1459247690

Why you should start practicing yoga now

If there is one thing that India can proudly claim as its gift to the world, it’s Yoga. Yoga, in fact, is one of the best examples of globalisation at its best. The world has happily accepted Yoga in their daily lives and can’t stop raving about its benefits.

As June 21 is set to mark the very first International Day of Yoga, which aims to celebrate the 5,000 year old health practice around the globe, we have a question for you.

Have you incorporated Yoga into your lifestyle yet?

If the answer is no, then this might be the best time to get rid of your lame excuses and start practicing Yoga now. Yoga is a holistic approach for a healthy body. It helps you achieve not just physical health but mental & emotional health as well.

Here is a list of five most common excuses for not doing yoga and why you must overcome them:

My body lacks flexibility and so Yoga is not for me:

Its true Yoga requires flexibility but it has to be in combination with strength and balance. If you feel intimidated by all those really bendy Yogis you see online or in the magazines, believe us they have been doing Yoga for years to reach that very bendy point.

Consistent Yoga practice will get you there. Flexibility is the end result and not the pre-requisite for doing yoga. To use it as an excuse for not practicing Yoga is lame.

Where is the time to do Yoga?

Yes, we all have super busy schedules but we still find time to eat, sleep and do all the other important things to keep us going. Yoga is only a profitable investment in your health and longer life. See it this way, the time you dedicate to Yoga is the time extended to your life. Would you still use this excuse?

Yoga is for girls:

Like seriously, you can definitely use a better excuse than that. Yoga was started by men and practiced by men way before than women got into it. So, next time you use this excuse to not practice yoga, think again.

Yoga doesn’t burn calories:

This is the most common excuse to skip Yoga. Yoga does de-stress you, the core cause of many people to gain weight. Get rid of that stress and that fat with it. Not to forget that there are more intense types of Yoga as well like Power Yoga and Hot Yoga. Try those. Yoga prevents you from gaining calories and keep you fit and healthy. So that excuse is out of the window as well.

I have an injury:

The best thing about Yoga is that no matter what health concerns you have, there is a yoga asana for the same. There is a Yoga class for everyone. What you need to do is consult an expert Yoga Teacher to get advice on how you can do yoga. There are yoga programs specially designed for thyroid issues, chronic illness, stress, back pain and a range of other health issues.

Check this infographic to know why Yoga is for you:


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