Maggi noodles return to Indian shop shelves after ‘crises’

Maggi noodles return to Indian shop shelves after crises  pardesi news 1459247745

India’s favourite two-minute noodle, Maggi, is likely to be back in stores across India soon. Several departmental stores across the country had a special display - “We are back”, “Maggi is back”!

Nestle’s hugely popular ‘Maggi’ noodles returned on Monday to around 100 cities shelves in India five months after the government banned them over lead levels.

The ban was one of the biggest crises to have ever hit the Swiss giant, Nestle’s Maggi noodles, India’s leading brand. The ban also resulted Nestle loosing over 75 million Swiss francs ($105.9 million) over the ban, which forced it to destroy over 35,000 tonnes.

Maggi recently returned to shop shelves on Monday, after re-launching its popular Maggi noodles in India, and five months after the government banned them saying lead levels were too high. Nestle is stocking up on Maggi’s most favoured masala variant in the first phase of the re-launch. However, it will not be available in as many as eight states where local bans are still persisting. The company recently announced that it had restarted the production at three plants in India, post passing the laboratory tests.

Nestle withdrew Maggi on June 5, 2015 after several states banned its sales on reports that the noodles were hazardous for human consumption. The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) issued an order of recall, hours after the company’s withdrawal, imposing a ban on production, promotion and distribution. “We expect to reach all the markets by the end of this month,” said Suresh Narayanan, chairman and managing director, Nestlé Indian, sale and export.

Nestle India said all samples of Maggi Noodles Masala have been cleared by the three National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories-accredited labs as mandated by the Bombay High Court. Nestle has always maintained the product was safe to eat, and has continued to sell it in another countries.  Nestle India has also released a TV commercial announcing that the product is safe. 

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