Hindi becomes the most spoken language amongst NRIs in the US

Hindi becomes the most spoken language amongst NRIs in the US pardesi news 1459247745

Hindi has emerged as the largest Indian language spoken in the US, with nearly 0.65 million NRIs speaking it.

As per data of the American community Survey collected by the US Census Bureau between the years, 2009-13 ‘Hindi’ is spoken by around 0.65 million NRIs in the US. This also makes ‘Hindi’ as the most spoken language amongst Indians in the US. As per the American company survey data, over 60 million people in the US speak a different language in their homes other than English.

According to Erik Vickstrom, a Census Bureau statistician, "While most of the US population speaks only English at home or a handful of other languages like Spanish or Vietnamese, the American Community Survey released the wide-ranging language diversity of the US.... For example, in the New York metro area alone, more than a third of the population speaks a language other than English at home, and close to 200 different languages are spoken".

The other major Indian Languages spoken in the US are Urdu (nearly 0.4 million), Gujarati (more than 3.7 million), Bengali (more than 0.25 million), Punjabi (more than 0.25 million), Marathi (more than 73,000), Kashmiri (1,700), Bihari (600), Rajasthani (700), Sindhi (9,000), Telugu (0.25 million), Tamil (0.146 million), Malayalam (0.146 million), Kannada ( 48,000), Munda (more than 2000), Oriya (more than 5,000), Assamese (1,300), and the tribal language Munda (more than 2,000).

Moreover, the other languages spoken in the US from the Indian subcontinent include Nepali (more than 94,000), Sindhi (9,000) and Tibetan (over 16,000).

However, Spanish remains one of the most spoken foreign languages in the US with over 37.4 million speakers. The other major languages spoken in the US include Chinese (around 2.9 million), French (around 1.3 million), Korean (around 1.1 million), German (around 1.1 million), Vietnamese (around 1.4 million), Arabic (around 0.1 million), Tagalog (around 1.6 million) and Russian (around 0.1 million). The other foreign languages with few speakers in the US include Pennsylvania Dutch, Ukrainian, Turkish, Romanian, Amharic and many others.

There are about more than 0.35 million people in the US speaking 150 different native North American languages including Yupik, Dakota, Apache, Keres and Cherokee.

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