Introducing Master Paul Reuben, the CEO at the age – 9!

Introducing Master Paul Reuben the CEO at the age 9  pardesi news 1459247744

When at this tender age of 9, boys are busy playing and enjoying, we have a NRI boy Reuben Paul who eyes on the rain — the green code rain of The Matrix.

Paul Reuben is just 9 years old belonging to Austin, Texas and is in the third grade. He is already an accomplished hacker, app developer, cyber security expert and CEO of 'Prudent Games', a game developer.

Paul wants to become a “Good Cyberspy”! Paul says that he cuts his teeth in the field with 'credential harvesting', a technical term for stealing passwords. Quoting his hero Spider-Man, he said “with great hacking skills you get power and with great power comes great responsibility”.

Recently, he was the ‘special ambassador’ at Ground Zero Summit 2015 held in Delhi’s Ashoka hotel. The Summit is a meeting of cyber security experts and researchers that is one of the biggest hacker conferences in the world. Paul is a special ambassador for teaching cyber security to children and has a special address.

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