Dubai-based NRI Amrita’s book ‘Exit Interview’ Becomes Bestseller in India

Dubai based NRI Amrita s book Exit Interview Becomes Bestseller in India pardesi news 1459247744

Exit Interview is set in Dubai and offers an insight into an expat life

Amrita Mukherjee, a Dubai-based freelance journalist and blogger, has become a well-known writer after her book titled ‘Exit Interview’ became a bestseller in India. The book is published by the Rupa Publications, and offers an insight into the life of an expatriate in the Emirate of Dubai.

Ms. Mukherjee, 40, says Exit Interview is a fictional story of a journalist Rasha Roy. The book provides an insight into the life of an expatriate in Dubai, who moves from Kolkata and takes up a job in a magazine office located in Dubai Media City.

The story revolves around the life of Rasha and takes the reader through a world of glamour, hooligans, relationships and romance.The character's Rasha life in the three cities of Kolkata, Dubai and Egypt is described in great details in the book.

Ms. Mukherjee has written about various instances of safety for women in Dubai as she considers the city as one of the most progressive places for women. Mukherjee’s book has made a mark in the literary world as its 5,000 copies have been sold worldwide.

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