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Bihar mandate is NOT just about BJP's fall, probably may lead to the rise of various alternatives in the several states. Has Bihar again stopped the 'BJP's rath' is the BIG QUESTION, which only time can answer

The Grand Alliance routed the BJP-led NDA in Bihar to score a landslide two-thirds majority in the Assembly providing the Bihar CM and the poster boy, Nitish Kumar a consecutive  third term in office.

Making a spectacular comeback after the severe drubbing in the last year’s Lok Sabha polls at the hands of BJP and Modi, the newly-formed JDU-RJD-Congress alliance secured over 175 seats in the 243-member House. The Lalu-led RJD emerged the leader with 80 seats while JDU bagged 72. Both the parties had contested 101 seats each. Congress also made impressive gains winning 24 seats out of 41. It had won only 4 last times.  

The final tally looks like:











Political analysts feel that the Bihar result will surely have a pan-India effect. BJP will now probably have to deal with the potential emergence of Nitish as a credible challenger to Modi at the national level. A win in Bihar would have provided NDA an opportunity to better its numbers in Rajya Sabha. Importantly, BJP's numerical disadvantage in the Rajya Sabha, in all certainty may also get prolonged and the ruling party may just have to come to terms with the possibility it may never be able to attain a majority in the Rajya Sabha during its entire term.

Nitish hails mandate as victory of Bihar's 'swabhimaan'.  The incumbent Bihar CM Nitish Kumar later said in a tweet, there is a growing desire in the country for a strong opposition; it is also the requirement of a functioning democracy.

The popular actor and discarded BJP leader, Shatrughan Sinha, tweeted - Iwould request my party to introspect its shortcoming and take action.

"For NDA (National Democratic Alliance), this loss means a consolidation of the Opposition, the hardening of positions, the widening of the coalition of the Left, left of centre and malcontents, and the continuing disruption of Parliament. It is evident that they will now go for the kill and make NDA a lame duck government. NDA needs to focus on accelerated reforms, improved governance, faster decision-making, reducing cost of business, job creation and removal of tax terrorism. Despite the numerous good decisions taken by NDA, matters on the ground have not improved much and accelerated reforms are needed," said former Infosys director Mohandas Pai.

Cow gives milk, not votes”, BJP also received a lot of beating on the social media. One of the other hilarious FB post says, “Gai ke chakkar mein BJP ki bhains bhi gai paani mein”, a hindi proverb which means something goes bad and out of control. BJP reportedly paid the price for making Beef issue, a narrative in Bihar elections.  

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